One of the defining activities of a local O.T.O. body is the performance of our initiation rituals. In these rituals, O.T.O. seeks to instruct the individual by allegory and symbol into the profound mysteries of nature, and thereby assist the initiate in discovering his or her own true identity.

An initiation ritual is like a drama or play wherein the candidate is the main character. Dramatic and ritual elements combine to communicate mysteries that have been handed down through the ages.

All men and women who are free and of full age may apply to become a candidates for initiation. Applications may be obtained by contacting the Leaping Laughter Secretary. Prospective candidates must also obtain the sponsorship of two members who will vouch for them before we will accept the application. A serious candidate should find it easy to obtain sponsorship once they have gotten to know our members and have demonstrated something of their character. Sponsorship in O.T.O. is, however, no light matter and our Initiates are instructed to pay close attention to the caliber and seriousness of all potential candidates, as sponsorship reflects upon the judgment of those who agree to sponsor a particular candidate for initiation.

Once a person has been through the Minerval degree (the first of our initiations), that person is considered a guest of the Order and not yet considered to have taken on the responsibilities of full membership. This degree allows the candidate to gain an introduction into our mysteries and the opportunity to decide if they desire to seek further Initiation and become full members of M.’. M.’. M.’. by taking the First Degree.

More information about O.T.O. Initiations can be found here.

It should be noted that O.T.O. requires the payment of National Dues and an Initiation Fee which vary with each initiatory degree. These fees are used to help support the material costs of initiation and the National dues are forwarded by each local body to the Grand Lodge to support the work of the Order. These standard fees and dues are outlined here.