Dues and Donations

The Importance of Local Dues

Membership in Leaping Laughter is available to members in good standing of O.T.O. Our Grand Master Sabazius encourages every member of the Order to affiliate with a local body of O.T.O, such as Leaping Laughter, in order to support the crucial activities of our Order. We think you will find membership in Leaping Laughter rewarding and unique, and one of the best opportunities available perhaps in the world to fully participate in an active Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis. Membership in our Lodge requires the consent of the Body Master, signing the Rolls and committing to a financial commitment to pay local dues. Contact the Master or Treasurer using the contact links above, if you need more information on local dues.

An easy way to pay your local membership dues is through Paypal using the links below. Local Dues may also be paid per month or per quarter by check made out to “Leaping Laughter” and given to the Treasurer or mailed to the address listed on our information page. If you are paying by cash or check we ask you to write your name and the month you are paying for on the small envelopes next to the donation box and place your dues payments in the donation box. This is the best way to make payments while you are attending a Lodge event.

The Paypal subscriptions are available to anyone who wishes to support our Lodge, regardless of their O.T.O. membership status *.

Subscription Buttons for the new required donation levels of $45 a month for Man of Earth Triad Members and $93 a month for Lovers and Hermit Triad members are below.

You might also chose to visit this page each month and use the single payment buttons.

$93 a month subscription

$45 a month subscription

$93 one time donation

$45 one time donation


Cancel an Existing Subscription


Here are links for additional subscription levels for those who wish to contribute at other levels.:

$10.00 a month

$15.00 a month

$20.00 a month

$25.00 a month

$30.00 a month

Membership in Leaping Laughter Lodge entitles you to certain privileges, including;


  1. Members of the Lodge are eligible to become Officers of the Lodge. They also are eligible to be considered to take on significant roles in Leaping Laughter events. This includes taking on the role of Priest, Priestess, Deacon, Initiation Officers, and organizational roles in rituals and other events.  Certain exceptions to this policy are made with the consent of the Master of the Lodge, for example for travelling Clergy and U. S. Grand Lodge Officers are encouraged to visit the Lodge and participate.
  2. Lodge Members may request a key to the Lodge in order to open and close the Lodge, or to use the Lodge space for their own personal workings. Contact the Lodge Master for details.
  3. Candidates for initiation into the Minerval or First degrees will always be charged only the standard fees as listed on the O.T.O. U. S. Grand Lodge website Beyond this, however, non Lodge members applying for initiation into Degrees above First who have not been a local member for at least three months are charged an additional fee equivalent to three months local dues, or $105. This fee is discounted to our Lodge Membership, as well as to any Candidates traveling more than 100 miles. In addition those with hardships, such as full time students, may be discounted from this additional fee at the discretion of the Lodge Master.
  4. Except as noted above for traveling and Grand Lodge members, we ask a donation of $15 for O.T.O. members in good standing to attend Initiation events that their Degree permits. Local members are exempt from this request. This donation is also waived for members of other O.T.O. bodies who pay dues to their home Lodge or Oasis.

You can also make one-time donation of any amount by using this button.:

* Note that donations alone do not grant membership in the Lodge or in O.T.O. Full membership in the Lodge depends on your O.T.O. membership status and is at the discretion of the Lodge Master. You must be a Minerval in good standing to be an official Associate Member of the Lodge, or of the First Degree or higher to be considered a Full Member of the Lodge. Your O.T.O. membership status can be determined by contacting the Lodge or the Grand Treasurer General.